Ensign — March 1987

 2	First Presidency Message: Giving Ourselves To The Service Of The Lord  President Gordon B. Hinckley
 6	Sustaining—And Being Sustained By—The Priesthood  Marie K. Hafen
 9	"Gifts Of Bright": Relief Society Strengthens My Family  Dianne Dibb Forbis
12	A Sanctuary Of Friends: Sisterhood And Testimony  Elaine Reiser Alder
14	Flora Amussen Benson: Handmaiden Of The Lord, Helpmeet Of A Prophet, Mother In Zion  Derin Head Rodriguez
21	Relief Society Midweek Activities: An Opportunity For Friendship And Growth  Joan H. Child
22	A View Of The '80S: What It Means To Be A Latter-day Saint Woman Today  Mary Alice Campbell
28	An Ageless Evening  Caroline Bruce
36	Among Family And Friends: John Taylor'S Mission To The British Isles  Paul Thomas Smith
42	Marriage Without Manipulation  Larry K. Langlois
50	The Brothers Of Jesus: Loving The Unbelieving Relative  Carlfred B. Broderick
53	Winners Of The 1987 Writing And Music Contests
54	Rules For The 1988 Contests
56	Personal Essay Winner: The Uses Of Suffering  Sandra F. Strange
60	Feature Article Winner: The Mulekites  Garth A. Wilson
65	Poetry Winners
	For Those Who Never Know  Lynette K. Allen
	Manna  Karma K. Wasden
	Regret  Irene Allen
66	Short Story Winner: Chicken Feathers  Kathleen Woodcook Hanna

31	The Visiting Teacher: "A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven"
32	Mormon Journal
	The Apple Pie Visit  Ruth Harris Swaner
	A Second Chance  Lois L. Saunders
	We Can'T All Play The Organ  Brent D. Frogley
	A Mormon In Moscow  Clark H. Caras
47	I Have A Question: Changes In The Book Of Mormon  Robert J. Matthews
69	Random Sampler: Ancestor Holidays; Finding Time For Mother; Tools For Teaching Tots
72	Mirthright: A Run For Our Money  Terry Bohle Montague
74	Comment
75	News Of The Church